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Scarf "Geese" (Lady Di)

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The "Geese" scarf complements and enriches your outfit thanks to its rich design. The design of the scarf uses the "goose paw" motif - a timeless ornament that will always remain a classic. The shades and elegant lines used in the scarf allow you to style it according to your mood.

The author of the scarf, Marco, has lived in Lviv since childhood and loves to paint and perceive everything he has created. He chooses what he wants to recreate each time. He places the greatest emphasis on animals, bright and light shades and also on details.

The scarf is made of natural silk, which goes perfectly with many different outfits. It can serve as a scarf or the main head covering, or even both ways at once.
Design: With illustrations


By taking care of your clothes, you are taking care of the environment

Low temperature washes and gentle spin programs are gentler on clothes and help maintain the colour, shape and structure of the fabric. At the same time, the energy consumption used in care processes is thus reduced.

  • Machine wash at max. 30 °C - short spin cycle
  • Do not use chlorine/bleach
  • Iron at max. 110 °C
  • Chem. cleaning with tetrachlorethylene
  • Can be tumble dried at low temperature


Made in Ukraine

Scarf "Geese" (Lady Di)
Scarf "Geese" (Lady Di)
Scarf "Geese" (Lady Di)
Scarf "Geese" (Lady Di)