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Silk scarf "Kurbas" with double-sided print (Nesamovyto) OBLK1

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Les Kurbas was a Ukrainian director, actor, theater theorist, playwright, columnist and translator. He was a representative of the executed revival.

We open the encoded senses in the scarf:


The prominent Ukrainian director Les Kurbas was loved by people for his innovation and experimentation: in his productions, he used masks as symbols and metaphors to express different emotions and ideas. According to the directing method, it is not the actor's body that should tell the story, but his body.


In the image of Kurbas, the ideal image of the actor was an "understanding harlequin": educated, thinking, self-aware, always trying to show his individuality.


In his time, Les Kurbas founded a studio for young actors, which later grew into the Young Theater - a theater searching for new forms for the realization of modern and classical drama.

Kurbas also founded first the political and later the philosophical theater "Berehynia", where he painted a world in which the main element is a special trust in human life in all its contradictions.

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Made in Ukraine

Silk scarf "Kurbas" with double-sided print (Nesamovyto) OBLK1
Silk scarf "Kurbas" with double-sided print (Nesamovyto) OBLK1
Silk scarf "Kurbas" with double-sided print (Nesamovyto) OBLK1