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Bracelet with zircons Shine, Silver, (SILVERAMO), B2F.1061S

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Color – Silver
Each zircon stone resembles stars in a dark sky, which will highlight your natural beauty and brighten your day with their sparkle! Zircons are considered stones of light and hope, serving as a reminder that there is something beautiful hidden in the darkness and that even in times of challenge and difficult moments in life, we can find hope and light. Whether you adorn yourself with it for everyday wear or keep it for special occasions, this bracelet will always be the perfect symbolic accessory for your style and look.

By taking care of your clothes, you are taking care of the environment

Low temperature washes and gentle spin programs are gentler on clothes and help maintain the colour, shape and structure of the fabric. At the same time, the energy consumption used in care processes is thus reduced.

  • Machine wash at max. 30 °C - short spin cycle
  • Do not use chlorine/bleach
  • Iron at max. 110 °C
  • Chem. cleaning with tetrachlorethylene
  • Can be tumble dried at low temperature


Made in Ukraine

Bracelet with zircons Shine, Silver, (SILVERAMO), B2F.1061S
Bracelet with zircons Shine, Silver, (SILVERAMO), B2F.1061S