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Reed diffuser, Calming mood, 200 ml (KOHANNA) KO0008

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Handmade aroma diffusers, made from a non-alcoholic and non-flammable base and high-quality aroma compositions. A unique feature of our diffusers is their lifespan. With a specially formulated renewable base, our 200ml diffuser will last at least 4 months.

How to use: Open the bottle and insert the sticks. The intensity of the fragrance will vary depending on the fragrance selected, the number of sticks used and the ambient temperature of the room where the diffuser is placed. Rotate bars weekly for optimal performance. Capacity: 200 ml.

Our fragrant mood experience "Calming Mood" is characterized by elegance and inconspicuousness. Immerse yourself in peace and relaxation. Aromatic ambergris emits a very warm caramel scent. It has powdery, balsamic, even milky notes and a subtle hint of geranium. Creamy, pampering, musky goodness. It is a sensual fragrance that evokes creamy and velvety olfactory sensations. Its fragrance is not very strong, but on the other hand it lasts for a very long time.

Main notes: Main notes: fresh, aquatic, balsamic. Middle notes: iris petals, white velvet and creamy wood. Base notes: vanilla, mysore sandalwood and musk.


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Made in Ukraine

Reed diffuser, Calming mood, 200 ml (KOHANNA) KO0008
Reed diffuser, Calming mood, 200 ml (KOHANNA) KO0008